Blink – Excitingly affordable wireless security system

Wireless security camera usually need at least on wire of power, and the transmission of video or audio is wireless. However, we are seeing emergence of new generation of modern wireless security cameras where there is no need of power cable. Camera has its own battery which can last for months and even a year. Blink is such modern wireless security system which is making headlines these days.

Right now Blink is a prototype up at Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform, to attract backers to go into production. Blink founders have asked for $200,000 and have already secured backing of $$122,585 by 1,145 backers

Blink security camera is totally wireless, and can be installed anywhere anytime. Camera has a battery life of almost one year – it can record up to 20,000 seconds of video over period of one year. Blink solution consists of two component devices; a) camera and b) sync module. Camera is wireless and can be place anywhere. However, Sync module needs power and has to be connected to WiFi radio device. Sync module communicates with wireless Camera through Bluetooth. In order to save power, most of the times, Blink camera works independently keeping all the recorded video to itself, and occasionally communicates with Sync module. The camera uploads all recorded video to a (free) cloud storage, which can later be viewed by owner on the web or Blink mobile app. Home owner will also have access to live video feed through associated Blink mobile app.

Blink is not a first and unique solution but has few existing competitors in the market, for instance, Dropcam. However, Blink is sounding more attractive because of its approvability i.e. $59 compared to Dropcam @ $199 plus cloud storage for $99-$299 per month.

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