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At Muxions Technologies, we provide highly professional website design and development services. Our solutions are simple, effective and amazingly affordable. We are Toronto, Canada based web and mobile company, successfully serving our client base in North America and around the world.

In today’s digital world, emerging technologies are affecting market trends. Mobile devices, social media and collaborative tools are not only changing the way businesses are run, but also offering unlimited business opportunities. Unfortunately, most businesses are unprepared for the challenge. At Muxions Technologies, we fill this technological gap by transforming our advanced capabilities into your competitive advantage.

To keep you on the top of today’s technologically competitive market, Muxions Technologies can provide a creative, user-driven and highly cost-effective website design, web development and mobile app development services. Our web and mobile design and development processes are a smart combination of our technical skills and your business perspective. At Muxions Technologies, we closely works with our customers for their ultimate satisfaction.

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Muxions Technologies is a Toronto based web design and mobile app development company. Our team consists of highly professional, qualified and experienced website develpers, web designers and mobile app (Android, iPhone and Windows) developers and SEO experts – an unbeatable combination of talents.

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We understand your needs and vision, and deliver efficient and effective website and/or mobile app solutions. With diverse skill set and experience, our ultimate goal is always to provide functionally robust and cost effective websites and mobile apps, which are fully aligned with customer’s vision and requirements.

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A little glance to growing history


Needed a website

One of our friend needed a website. We already had knowledge of doing it but time doesn’t allowed us. We selected a company for doing this job and we got ruined and work wasn’t completed. We lost several bucks and time but at the same time it gave us a new direction to think on ….


Discussion time …

We, a group of professionals used to meet time and often at some coffee shop to discuss the pros and cons of companies we were working in and specially the dealing of companies with their clients. Mostly companies were leaving unhappy clients and were always in search of new clients …. We felt sorry for the marketing guys, they had to take a lot of pressure for getting new business … No offense, but it was their job for sure …


Imagination & analysis began …

Our CEO & Founder of the company was the first one to leave the job and to be in touch with latest tools and technologies did little freelancing for the selected tasks. At the same time it helped to improve the communication skills with better vision of how exactly we can keep a good and long term relation with our clients. Many things were learned related to completion of tasks and making your clients happy. This period was really enthusiastic which forced us towards starting a team work under one company …. So things started to roll on ….


We lighted our dreams …

So eventually the startup year came and we as a team lighted up our dreams with the name of Muxions Technologies. We were proud, happy & confident to lit up our own identity in existence with full of energy for providing best services to our valued clients. We made an ambition to consider each work as our own to give a perfect output.

We knew & were ready at that time for facing many challenges in future. But we also knew how we have to face those challenges and tackle any situation that comes in our way with our positive attitude and higher customer relation. So that was the startup year and it had to go a long way ….


Standing out from others …

After completion of 1 year, we started to feel that we stand out from other service providers. This we didn’t say ourselves, it was because of the feedback of the clients after getting exactly what they expected. No one is perfect, we always learn from our past. So we examined our first year and made a commitment for not repeating them again with better vision and analysis of things.


Targeting our goals …

Our efforts continued in second year also and we were confident that we are moving ahead correctly to our targeted goals. Our team was increasing gradually and more professionals joined us in 2nd year. Our client base increased to almost double from the first year and on top, in 2 years not a single client went unhappy. This was a great moment for us to cheer on, great team effort! But still we have long way to go …


Strong enough to be seen …

Well, the journey continued to next year with even better results. The seed sowed back 3 years became well rooted plant which was seen by the world with its fresh appearance.  We were now bigger, with more professionals as part of our company, we had more client base and we had achieved a capacity to handle bigger projects.

We started in house training of staff for having even better results. We moved to a new and bigger location for providing better environment for our staff to work in. Change never stops, it must be in right direction to have better results.


Still long way to go …

We are in 2016, almost 4 years and we are confident that we are doing great. Till date, no unhappy client, no employee fired, no deadline missed and no single day without a glass of water .. 🙂

There is still a long way to go; We have set a goal but that is not our destination, we have to and we will go far ahead our goal to discover more and more and will keep working hard and straight forwardly to give best customer satisfaction….

Best of luck to us!!


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