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Twitter Lite with lower data usage

Twitter is rolling out its “Lite” version to 24 new countries, after getting successful results from the trial version in Philippines. The Android version of the app will be available in couple of countries across Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa & Latin America.

Skype launches Photo Effects

Skype is going to add photo effects / stickers to its app, feature similar to some of the other social apps in market. The company disclosed that they are introducing “Photo Effects“, which includes effects like face masks, decorative borders, witty captions and much more. Skype will suggest itself the photo effects based on the picture content, which is unlike the feature already being used in other apps of social networking.

Facebook introduces messenger plugin for web - Muxions Technologies

Facebook introduces Messenger plugin

Facebook, the largest social platform announced that Facebook Messenger is coming to businesses own websites. They announced the launch of new customer chat plugin into closed beta, that will enable customers to directly chat with businesses from the respective websites using Messenger and the discussion can carry on across web, mobile & tablets.

LinkedIn integration in

As back in June last year, Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn for $26.2 billion was made, so now it seems that things are rolling forward in terms of product integration. In an announcement the company announced about the LinkedIn integration within is going live.

WhatsApp lets to delete messages - Muxions Technologies

WhatsApp: Delete sent messages

One of the most requested feature by people in a messaging app is finally being provided by WhatsApp. The company has started rolling out a feature in the app, to allow sender of the message to delete a particular message that was already sent to an individual member or within a group.

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