Google hardware event 2017

In San Francisco, Google held a press conference and announced couple of new hardware gadgets from new mobile phones to machine learning-powered wearable cameras.

Google family link - Muxions Technologies

Google launches Family Link

Google’s parental control software Family Link, that was under testing phase is now made available for anyone in U.S. without the invitation from another person. This software enable parents to manage applications, option to set screen time limits and device bedtimes. This all can be managed from either iOS or Android device, as the main objective of this software is to manage the Android devices of the children.

Twitter increasing tweet character count

For the first time, Twitter is ready to increase the tweet character limit length from 140. They say that they will now allow 280 characters limit for certain languages, that will allow people to express their thoughts with more room to tweet.

Apple switches from Bing to Google - Muxions Technologies

Apple switches from Bing to Google

Apple has finally decided to shift the default search provider from Bing to Google in mobile devices in Siri and inside iOS and on Mac. So, it means previously when you were provided with the search results via Siri, it was using Bing, but now you will get Google results instead.

Saudi Arabia opens internet calling services - Muxions Technologies

Saudi Arabia opens internet calling services

Internet calling services from the apps like Skype, Whatsapp, Viber etc were ban in Saudi Arabia. After a long term ban, finally Saudi government has decided to lift the ban and open the online calling services. By this, internet calling services like Skype, Whatsapp, Viber and many others are functional in whole country.

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